London Calling: Check Out 9 Fabulous London Offices

Posted: December 3, 2012   /   by

When it comes to cities with great histories of commerce, there are none quite like London – a chief location in world trade where it seems modern business was invented. As far as tourism is concerned, London is also wonderful with many major sites to see. But for my purposes – there is a perfect nexus between the two. Office Tourism.

Some of the things that make these offices special are their:

  • Color
  • Professionalism
  • Playfulness
  • Utility
  • Creativity

You’ll notice that many of the space have a central theme and use that theme to influence the decisions of the remainder of the office. Often many offices – including those in the US – do not have any overriding concept to them. While making a workplace for just work can be fine, it is important to think through your design decisions as opposed to just throwing stuff together randomly.

Another noticeable trait to these offices are their common areas. If you were to look at the places I’ve worked, common areas were pretty terrible. Drab, dirty, and just plain common. The offices displayed below have made a conscious effort to create a great space for their employees to make their work experiences better.

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