9 Awesome Futuristic Offices Designs

Posted: August 21, 2012   /   by

Whether it be in a time machine, fortune-teller, prophesy, or good old-fashioned vision – people have historically enjoyed looking into the future. For office designers and office workers alike, wondering what the future hold with regard to office design and workspace design has been commonplace for many years.

Here’s one guess from 1985 and another from 1968. You might imagine that the guesses would be wildly incorrect, they are surprisingly accurae – predicting such things as the open office plan, the reduction of pen pushers, increased technical worker demand, multiple screen computers, and smart phones. Here’s an excerpt:

“As many as nine page sized screens may be found at each station. Each will be capable of displaying information stored in a number of different computer files. The telephone will be an important component since it will be used to carry on conversations, as at present, and so call up information from databases elsewhere. The phone will facilitate conferences with colleagues in several cities at the same time. Once a “meeting” is over, the information discussed will be updated and refiled automatically.”

While most people are probably wondering about the functionality of the office design, I cannot help but think of the aesthetics – or the look and feel – of the office. And for some reason, my aesthetic imagination of future office design brings to mind space and is basically blurred with 2001: A Space Odyssey – probably because of the whole computers taking over thing.

So keep that in mind as we look through a gallery of interesting offices that have a ‘futuristic’ look and feel to their office design.