5 All-Around Best Office Designs

Posted: August 28, 2012   /   by

If you’ve been reading here very long, chances are that you’ve noticed that blog entries are heavily driven by the ideas of design, productivity, entrepreneurship, and culture – all of which can be very important parts of running a successful business. Though some might argue that one or another is most important, it seems apparent that when all are firing properly, it create a wonderful working environment.

The following list of offices are spaces in which their office designs have what seems to be a great mixture of design, entrepreneurship, productivity, and culture: Google, Atlassian, Microsoft, Aol, andLEGO.

Of course, some naysayers might point out that three of them have slides and that slides are not realistic for a normal business. But I’d argue that the point of the slides more about their ability to bring the idea of fun and playfulness to a company culture as opposed to the utility of actually sliding down them. If you can’t have a slide, use something else that does the job.